“FIDUS-PLANT” Ltd. is a Bulgarian company established in 2009 as a successor of “FIDUS-STEFANOVI & CO” - a company established in 1990. The company is one of the largest manufactures of ennobled roses, grape-vines, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and shrubs. “FIDUS-PLANT” Ltd. has over 500 decares production area, located at the beginning of Pavlikeni – to the main road to Veliko Turnovo. Here we cultivate globular, grafted forms of ornamental trees, ennobled hibiscus and lilac, a wide variety of conifers and deciduous trees in a wide range of colors. The vast majority of our production takes place in EU countries and Turkey.Our market-leading partners are chain stores, like Mr. Bricolage “ and "Praktis". We work with companies from the whole country.

In addition to production and delivery of plants, the company provides design and construction of parks and gardens.

“FIDUS-PLANT” Ltd. took part in an annual exhibition of flowers, Flora - spring and autumn in NDK, Sofia.